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Do you want to reduce glare and increase security for your business premises? Window tinting is the perfect solution.

Window tinting not only reduces glare and increases security, it also allows for more privacy and can greatly improve a shopfront’s appearance. Turn to The Tint Man Toowoomba to make your windows look better than ever!

The Tint Man Toowoomba only uses the highest quality window films, along with the expertise to make sure your window film is carefully installed.

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Safety Film

Safety film is a thin, clear film which is applied to glass to help hold it together in case of breakage. This film can be used to bring glass to Australian Standards instead of replacing it with expensive Laminate.

This film is commonly used in food preparation areas, factories and schools. Safety film will reduce UV light and small amount of heat and glare, although its main purpose is to hold the glass together if an accident occurs.

Security Film

This film is very similar to safety film as it is a clear film and will help hold glass together. Although, it is much thicker and quite expensive in comparison to the safety film.

This films main purpose is to deter criminals, making the glass extremely difficult to break. To gain entry the glass would most likely have to be completely broken away from the frame. Due to the thick nature of this film it is pre-cut to size and therefore a deposit would be required for this film.

Frosted Privacy Film

Our most common films for privacy are frosted and dusted crystal. These films are most commonly used on glass front doors, bathrooms and for decorative purposes. Patterns and company logos can be computer cut into these films for maximum visual effect to your home or business.

Dusted crystal provides the glass with a sandblasted effect, limiting vision both internally and externally . The films exterior is a matte finish.

Frosted crystal is the same concept although the external look has a glitter fleck through it making it a very visually appealing film. This is our most popular privacy film.

Other privacy films we install are full block out vinyl in any colour. This can be applied to the inside or outside of the windows and logos and patterns can also be cut into this product for excellent visual effect. Colours other than white and black will require a deposit as they are ordered on request.

Frequently asked questions

You’ll have automatic increased privacy and security, reduced glare and heat reduction and UV protection, which helps protect flooring, blinds and furniture. You’ll also have increased street appeal while keeping your workspace private from onlookers.

Generally, we prefer to come on-site to check the glass type, the orientation of your windows and what you are looking to achieve with tinting to ensure we install the best option for you. We do not charge for quotes if you are in the Toowoomba area or close by. If you are outside of our normal service area or aren’t ready for us to come to the site (the house is still in construction), you can send us house plans or window sizes for a rough estimate on pricing.

We have a massive range of films, and not one size fits all. Our range of films come in almost clear through to complete blackout. It will help if you consider the desired results you want to achieve from tinting, such as privacy, glare or heat reduction or UV protection, maybe a combination of these things. Also, consider your rooms’ aspect and how much natural light these rooms get.

There is no legal limit for office windows; however, if you decide to use a reflective film, the film could affect neighbours, and if your house faces an oncoming street could negatively impact oncoming traffic. Also, some housing communities have covenants. While they don’t typically include internal furnishings, it may be worthwhile confirming first.

The films we apply are predominantly internally installed, and the glass needs to be flat on the internal surface for the tint to be applied. Some external films are available. However, these will not last as long.

There are also many different glass types, which is why a site visit is essential to determine which film will be best suited.

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We take pride in the work we do to ensure our customers walk away happy. We use only the best films and back it up with the manufacturer’s lifetime warranty.

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