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Truck Window Tinting Services Toowoomba

Truck drivers can spend up to 12 hours in one sitting behind the wheel so the protection offered by the truck's window tinting is paramount.

The Tint Man provides the very best options for truck window tinting with multiple options offering longevity, UV Protection and comfort for those long journeys.

The Benefits of Truck Window Tinting

When it comes to truck window tinting, The Tint Man offers a range of quality films that will withstand the test of time.

These films can help to reduce vehicle running costs if you use your air-conditioning.

Additionally in case of an accident, window film can help to hold the glass together and stop it from shattering.

The available films differ from residential films as they must comply with the road laws.

Frequently Asked Questions

The main benefits are to reduce heat, protect your truck’s interior from UV and to simply look great.  Truck window tinting reduces heat by up to 80%, contributing to the comfort of your vehicle. Depending on the VLT (Visible Light Transmission), it can also reduce glare by up to 90%.

One of the less known advantages of tinting is the impact it has on safety. In the event of an accident, the film will hold the glass together instead of shattering throughout the truck.

  • Front windscreen: You legally cannot tint your front windscreen. However, you can have a strip across the top section to help with glare. It’s important to note; the front windscreen strip must not cover more than 10% of the windscreen or impede the windscreen wiper arch at its highest point.
  • Front windows: Must not have a lower VLT (Visible Light Transmission) than 35% on the drivers and passenger front windows.
  • Rear window: Must not have a lower VLT (Visible Light Transmission) than 20% on the rear doors and rear window.

Ceramic tint is the highest quality window film. A Ceramic tint will offer exceptional heat reduction (far higher than standard films) also UV and glare reduction. Many people confuse ceramic films with the colour (VLT). All ceramic films come in the same range of shades as standard films.

For a slightly higher cost, you get a far superior product.

VLT / Visible light transmission defines the amount of light that the film allows to pass. For example, 0% VLT means total blackout. Clear glass can range from 75% to 92%.

Many new cars now come out with dyed glass. However, this is only in the rear section of the vehicle. You may notice that the front windows are clear on newer cars, and the back is much darker.

If you wish to tint your car, you must comply with state laws of 20% VLT on rear windows and 35% VLT on the front windows. We use a light meter to test the glass reading and get the closest match. We recommend tinting over the dyed manufactured glass to provide additional UV and heat protection. The film will also hold the glass together better in case of an accident.

Yes, you can. However, if the police catch you with a darker than legal VLT, you risk fines and being made to remove the film. You also risk the possibility of voiding your insurance for not complying with the terms and conditions of your policy.

We recommend bringing your car in the cleanest condition possible, including the exterior and interior. We will still tint it if it’s not clean, but it will be harder for us to provide you with a quality finish. If you have pets that regularly ride in the car, please eliminate as much hair as possible. If the vehicle is loaded up, it is best to remove these items to have clear access and don’t need to touch your belongings. Also, where possible, please remove car seats before coming in if you own a ute or a sedan. 

Yes. At the time of booking, advise us the existing film needs removing. Like any service, there is extra time, expertise and materials required to remove the old tint, and we can allow enough time in your booking to complete the work.

Yes, you can, however – we prefer that you leave that to us. By removing your own tint, you can miss areas of glue and tint that we might not see until we start the new install. Additional costs will apply if we encounter this while applying a new tint. You also risk damaging your rear demister.

We need to wind your windows up and down multiple times during the tinting process. If your windows don’t work, we recommend repairing them before bringing them in for tinting.

Ideally, leave your windows wound up for approximate 48 hours. Some older cars we recommend longer due to tight rubbers. If you wind your windows down before this, you risk damaging the film before it has had time to dry properly.

To clean your truck windows, use soapy water or methylated spirits, along with a soft cloth such as microfibre, paper towel or a chamois. Avoid scrubbing the film with any ammonia cleaners like Windex. 

Yes! We pride ourselves on only using high-quality films, and all of our darkest legal films come with a lifetime warranty for as long as you own the car.

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Your Satisfaction, Guaranteed

We take pride in the work we do to ensure our customers walk away happy. We use only the best films and back it up with the manufacturer’s lifetime warranty.

No matter the job, big or small, talk to us today about how The Tint Man can get the job done right.

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